Mari Hallapuro


I am a Finnish visual artist and a printmaker. I graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2012 with a Master's Degree, majoring in printmaking. Currently I live and work in Kerava, Finland.


I work mainly with drawing and my preferred techniques are drypoint and pencil drawing.
As for many artists, drawing is a way for me to observe my surroundings and visualize thoughts. It can be a quick way to document sceneries into a sketchbook or it can be a slow and subconscious sort of meditation.


I work with traditional themes like landscapes and still-lifes and often combine the two during my working process. When working with printmaking plates, I use the printmaking process’ duplicative nature as a part of my work. The artwork then becomes a series of images and the changes made on the plate visible. This could be considered one of the slowest methods of making an animation.


I aim to capture moments of the passing time into images and at the same time I try to comprehend something profound of my own place in the world. But when pondering on matters this big, I tend to add some humour and laughs to this intimate and futile quest. Just in case I start falling into the depths of existential angst.